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About Us

Since 1969 our company has been in Spice sector; through manufacturing, marketing and selling high quality Spices which is our main business and profession. Recently, third generation of Ekingen family is managing the company. Eat Well P.F. purchases directly from producers and serves the best quality spices at the best prices for You.

Eat Well P.F. is identified with zero hot Red Sweet Pepper. Eat Well P.F. products’ which are manufactured with zero hot Geyve region’s peppers, obtained a rightful fame both in interior and exterior markets. Besides zero hot sweet red pepper, we also produce and sell all kinds of spices and seasonings; chili pepper, cummin, mint, sumac, coriander, thyme, linden, bay leaves, barbeque, meat, kebab, salad, fish, pizza and Ottoman mixtures.

America, Germany, England, Romania, Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Russia, Kosovo, Romania, USA, Holland, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Switzerland, North Cyprus Turkish Republic and Greece are our export area, we also take place at the Middle Eastern and European markets with our high quality products at the compatible prices.

Our Philosphy

According to us; human and quality are prior and they also consummate each other as an entire concept. Eat Well P.F.’s notions in his customer relations are; to be honest, reliable and not leaving any concessions of his Quality.

Because of this, we have got long-term relations and common faith with our partners rather than as a seller-buyer relation.

Eat Well P.F.’s aim is to be completed by our opponents and remembered by our valuable partners with Quality. Ekingen’s third generation has the vision to place Eat Well P.F. who is exporting the Turkish spices to the countries all around the world and contributing a significant share to the Turkish Economy.

If you want to taste the quality desired by the masters of taste “Eat Well P.F.” will be the right choice….



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